Wi-Fi Booster Homemade for Cellphone

November 22, 2018 Wireless No Comments

If your cellphone wi-fi signal is getting slow and even you cannot connect to your social media, streaming video or playing a game online on your cellphone, the installing wi-fi booster may be a good solution. But, before you decide to purchase any best wi-fi booster that available on the market or store, trying any simple wi-fi booster homemade below is really worth. There are some simple tricks for increasing your wi-fi signal reception with homemade wi-fi booster tricks like using a wire hanger, paper clip or even tin can container. All of them are simple and low-cost tricks that anyone can make it at home.

1.    Wire Hanger Booster

Using the wire hanger booster is really a low-cost wi-fi booster homemade for the cellphone. It is a simple and easy way to make your own wire hanger booster at home. You just need a wire hanger, needle-nose pliers, and duct tape. Make your homemade wi-fi booster by straightening a wire hanger and cut it down to a reasonable length using needle-nose pliers. Open your rubber flap in your internal antenna phone and push the end of the wire into the opening flap but ensure that it does not get too far on your cellphone that can affect your cellphone components. And in order to hold the antenna to your cellphone, you can use the duct tape.

2.    Paper Clip Booster

If you are still imagined that the wire hanger booster a little bit difficult to make, the using of the paper clip as your wi-fi booster may be a good idea. It is a really simple way to use the paper clip as your booster, you just gently sticking one end of your paper clip into to the internal antenna hole or your SIM card slot. Then, you can bend the rest of the clip against the back of your cellphone with tape. This trick will be helpful to strengthen your wi-fi signal reception. Just be careful on the process and check your wi-fi signal after done this trick.

3.    Tin Can Booster

Another simple trick to boost your cellphone wi-fi signal is by using a tin can booster. If you have a lot of coffee can or another tin container at your home, you can utilize it as a homemade wi-fi booster for your cellphone. Beside of tin or can container, you will need solder and pliers on the process. Just search and follow the steps by steps about how to make this tin can booster. As you can see, you will find a lot of tricks for making wi-fi booster homemade and the example tricks are by using a wire hanger, paper clip and tin can container. Those tricks are really worth to try to strengthen your cellphone wi-fi signal reception and also save your money at the same time. You do not need to spend a lot of budgets to make those homemade wi-fi boosters. Are you interested to make one of those tricks at your home?

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